New Release: The Weaver's Observatory

We are pleased to announce the release of The Weaver's Observatory, our entry in the Random Adventure Jam! We're extremely proud of this adventure, which grew from a small project into something that became deeply personal for both of us.

“It’s a little funny - we set out to make a quick adventure, and have instead ended up making a deeply personal piece of art that’s also a functional adventure. I learned how to weave during a rough time in my life and it was such a helpful balm to turn physical chaos into organized beauty through this labor-intensive, time-consuming process. Recently I’ve been playing with ideas of bringing more of my physical art-making experience into our games, so when Chris Bissette’s Random Adventure Jam gave us The Weaver’s Observatory the opportunity to bring that experience in directly was irresistible. Bringing Dan’s adventure design together with my fiber art has made for such a unique and personal collaboration, and I’m so excited to share it.” - Kali Lawrie

“When we were inspired to participate in Chris Bissette’s Random Adventure Jam we had no idea that we’d be setting out on a project of this ambition or scope. Writing and designing The Weaver’s Observatory really pushed Kali and I to explore what types of games and adventures we want to bring to the table, and how we can do deeply personal work through the established traditions of fantasy adventure games. I’d wanted to make something that played with the elegant and clean Tunnel Goons system and I’m a huge fan of how it contrasts against the sad weight of a confrontation with Fate herself. We’re bringing something that has a lot of opportunities to give your heart to a character while being truly unable to know how their story is going to end. It’s a quiet, solemn sort of adventure and the two-player format really brings that feeling into the room with you. This is an adventure that is trying to break your heart, and I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done to bring it to life.” - Dan Phipps

To celebrate the release, The Weaver's Observatory will be on sale for the rest of 2021. We hope you get a chance to enjoy it!


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Dec 16, 2021

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