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I just had a thought, please tell tell me you are working on a follow up to this called Cy_Dukk that's Cy_Borg, but all the best bird Pokemon overthrowing the corrupt and cruel trainers. If not how do we make this happen?!

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I love the idea!
Is it a stand alone game?


Hi! Dukk Borg is a setting for Mork Borg and requires those rules to play. The rules in Dukk Borg are meant to be additive/interoperable with that foundation. A rules reference is available here, which should have everything you need:


lol that character sheet

It's really great! That was a Rob Hebert original - you can check out his stuff at


Yes when are we going to get the kickstart to print?lol


Any chance to get this masterpiece printed? 


This is so clever


This is awesome, was this inspired by the Duck pc class from RuneQuest ?

We knew there was a game that had used Ducks but it wasn't until we published that the RuneQuest Connection was made clear to us (which is weird because I was a huge fan of 13th Age). Still, we're proud to be part of the storied lineage of Humanoid Ducks in RPGs!


As I am proud to now own DUKK BORG :)


Dukk Borg is a Mork Borg supplement that swaps the somber cold of Tveland for the wild high energy colorful cartoon gloom of Calisota.

The same rules set is used, and it's fully possible to port over human characters from Mork Borg to Dukk Borg, but there's also plenty of new mechanical options like clans, and it has the energy of a standalone.

Dukk Borg being released in stages, so both the length and content will increase, but its round 1 (the only round available at the time of writing) is eight pages. Like Mork Borg, the layout is expressive and punchy, and there's a high density of amazing art and cool design.

Writing-wise, Dukk Borg is glorious. It knows exactly what it's doing and how silly its straight-faced Duck Tales OSR concept is, but it commits. It's easy to get immersed in this tale of duck liches and cruel wealth, and that takes some serious chops to pull off.

Content-wise, the addition of clans is very welcome, and adds some extra cohesion and tension to the PCs' party. There's a lot of color here, some of it literal, and clans also add extra mechanics and hooks for the squad.

There's also a new class, and a few enemies, and hirelings. The class---treasure hunter---has some potential extra wealth, but doesn't feel especially powerful compared to the classes in core. However, the monsters and hirelings scale with it, so this is likely the intended balance for the setting.

Overall, if you're looking to get in on the ground floor of something that's fun and an absolute treat to read, and if you don't mind the Mork Borg ruleset, I *strongly* recommend Dukk Borg. I can't wait to see what the other rounds are like.


Fantastic idea and execution!  I'd love to hear more about Dukk pirates in Dukk Börg!


As far as games based on puns go, this is fucking top-tier. This is incredible.