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Good Afternoon Lowlives!

We've updated the aesthetic of the High Magic Lowlives character sheet to give it a bit more of a "hello my name is" nametag aesthetic and generally improve the aesthetic and usability. It is available in A5 and Letter sizes and can be downloaded for free!

We've also updated the rules for managing your inventory to provide a little better fidelity between the items you have close at hand and the items stowed in your pack. This will be included in the next update to the main text, but we wanted to include them in this post since the character sheets reflect the change. You'll find the update at the bottom of this post.

Progress continues on the tutorial adventure, which is getting its first round of playtesting this weekend. Thanks again for all your support, and have a lovely weekend!


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Replace section 9.1 of the main text with the following:

9.1 Carrying Capacity

Equipment, consumables, sacks of coin, and treasures all take up slots in your inventory. Reputations, curses, favors, relationships, and the consequences of your actions weigh on your lowlife in a more metaphorical sense and should be represented elsewhere on your character sheet.

The things you carry are your Weapon, your Protection, the objects on your Belt, and the objects in your Pack.

9.1.1 Your Weapon

You may use any object that your character could reasonably wield with one or two hands as your weapon. Your weapon is typically stashed somewhere that you can reach it quickly such as a holster, scabbard, or small pocket universe. Additional weapons must be stored in your Belt or Pack.

9.1.2 Your Protection

Your protection is something you typically wear, and is the primary means of resisting damage from your foes. This can take the form of simple armor or magically attuned wards. You are unable to get a good night’s rest while benefiting from your protection, as discussed in section 6.5.1. Additional sources of protection must be stored in your Belt or Pack.

9.1.3 Your Belt

Your Belt is a catchall for the pockets, pouches, and other small bits of storage that your lowlife has on their person. You may carry 5 small items in your belt, and you are able to quickly access these items in a time sensitive situation. Examples of appropriately sized items would be tools or weapons you can wield with one hand, a bag of magic bullets, a small shield, potent potables, a sack of 100 coin, or anything else about the size of your fist. You might consider storing Belt-sized items that you don’t need quick access to in your Pack.

9.1.4 Your Pack

Your pack is the big bag in which you carry the rest of your stuff. You may carry 5+STR+CON items in your pack, but it takes a while to retrieve them. Trying to retrieve an item from your pack quickly may call for an attribute check that imperils your more fragile items or otherwise just takes a long time. You can put anything in your pack up to a size that you could reasonably carry on your back. Examples of items that would fit in your pack include tools requiring two hands, a rolled up tapestry or rug, larger statuary, full sets of clothes, a bedroll, or anything that could fit in your Belt if it wasn’t already full.


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Hello! I reattached the files but for some reason they didn't form a clickable link. However, they're both available at the main High Magic Lowlives page (listed as demo files to make them available even if you don't own the game).