New High Magic Lowlives city in 2023!

It's 2023 and there are new High Magic Lowlives products coming at you!

Throughout 2023, Kali will be developing the city of Hycadia and releasing a new neighborhood guide every month. Each guide has a map with information on transportation, utilities, landmarks of local culture, and sites of significant interest to spark heists and hijinks. You'll be able to find them all here, with a new guide launching every month.

These neighborhood guides are designed for use with our own High Magic Lowlives, but may also be used as settings and story hooks for any game with a grounded urban fantasy city setting (like Lighthearted, Blades in the Dark, any number of Forged in the Dark games including Slugblaster,  and many post-dungeon fantasy games). 

Every month, subscribers to our mailing list will get a 100% off coupon for the most recently released neighborhood guide. Sign up here to get free copies, or pick them up monthly here on Itch. Follow along with the development of this post-fantasy city and play some games as you go!

When all 12 neighborhoods are complete, they'll be compiled with color and new details into one mega-city map and guide. Keep an eye out for announcements in 2024 when you'll be able to pick up the complete Hycadia!

We're really excited to build out the world of HML - Dan's been using the #dungeon23 premise to build a derelict subway mega-dungeon for wizard school dropouts to explore, and we've both been secretly working on a second edition ruleset, with clandestine playlists starting this month! But don't tell anyone, that's just between us.

We'll keep you posted on these exciting new developments, but until then: thanks!

Kali & Dan

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