Free Adventure! Player Reference! High Magic Lowlives is GO!

Today marks the formal release of High Magic Lowlives as a complete game, shifting from "in development" to "released" status. The game itself has seen extremely minor changes (mostly in the form of updating attribution to more accurately represent the work we put into it), but we didn't feel right declaring it finished until we could release its companion adventure.

Two years ago when we first released the game to correspond with the DreamJam, we promised to write an adventure if it made 100 dollars in sales. At the time, this seemed like a lofty goal. We were shocked and thrilled to receive outrageous support from designers of games that directly influenced the text for the first game of an unknown team. Nobody has been nagging us to make good on our promise, but we wanted to write something commensurate to the love our little PBTA/Black Hack hybrid received.

So, in addition to a Player Folio to serve as a character creation and play reference, we have released Aw Jeez, the Airship's On Fire! featuring enough of an overview of how High Magic Lowlives works to probably run it in other OSR games, tons of leading questions about why and how you got aboard, and a 20-room airship map to explore. 

High Magic Lowlives was our first game as a team, and Aw Jeez is our first adventure as a team. We're hugely proud of it and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

We are happy to conclude our work on this version of the game, but there's lots more High Magic Lowlives to come. If you'd like to keep up with what we're working on, swing through our new Discord! We'd love to talk about it.

Thanks again,
Dan & Kali


High Magic Lowlives 5 MB
Oct 01, 2021
Aw Jeez, The Airship’s On Fire 8 MB
Oct 01, 2021
High Magic Lowlives Player's Folio 1 MB
Oct 01, 2021

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Your games are amazing you could kickstarter this I would pay for print.

Thank you! Secretly we're hoping to, we just don't want it to be our first kickstarter cuz we have big hopes for this one :D