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High Magic Lowlives

A Post-Dungeon Fantasy RPG of Wizard School Dropouts Robbing the Immortal Aristocracy · By Gem Room Games


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Free Adventure! Player Reference! High Magic Lowlives is GO!
Today marks the formal release of High Magic Lowlives as a complete game, shifting from "in development" to "released" status. The game itself has seen extremel...
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What's Coming in 2020
As we approach six months since the release of High Magic Lowlives we thought it’d be a good time to break down some of the landmarks on our release roadmap...
Character Sheets & Inventory Rules!
Good Afternoon Lowlives! We've updated the aesthetic of the High Magic Lowlives character sheet to give it a bit more of a "hello my name is" nametag aesthetic...
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Lets Talk About Dice
The resolution mechanic for High Magic Lowlives is modeled after World of Dungeons and Blades in the Dark, both written by John Harper. I really like this syste...
Post Release Roadmap
Hey y'all it's Dan. The response to High Magic Lowlives over the past month has been incredible. We saw support from family and friends as well as the designers...
High Magic Lowlives Launch!
High Magic Lowlives, a SWORD DREAM of wizard school dropouts, tomb streamers, and private third eyes has finally released! For the next week you can get it for...
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Final Push to Release
To Do by Sunday: Format these tables to fit on the new page and format equipment tables to look like all the other tables, oh god this is taking forever Properl...
Why Did You Do This
In 2015 or so, Josh Trujillo reached out after the success of his Death Saves comics anthology kickstarter to invite me to help write for a stretch goal: the T...
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The system and the provided adventure inspired me to start up a new campaign, absolutely love all the writing and the pl...
started by AlecEtc Jun 03, 2022
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That's all! EDIT: The Happy Jacks VOD convinced me to buy this. Glad I did, cool game, will have to run.
started by Bookdust Mar 26, 2020
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